Wendy Sharp

Coach Profile:  Wendy Sharp

  • UKA qualified coach
  • Qualified level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Elite Conditioning Ladies Run Instructor


Wendy has loved running since school – inspired by her aunt (an Elite runner, 2:46 marathoner!) – and ran X-Country and played Hockey for the district.  She ran her first half marathon in 2002 and has been running ever since (with a couple of breaks for having babies).

She loves the shorter runs mainly (but has run one marathon) and a few muddy runs and obstacle courses too!  She loves how brilliant running is for mind and body. 

Wendy is new to coaching but is finding it so rewarding, helping others find their passion for running.  She coaches a ladies running group in Wokingham also.  She says she meets a lot of people who say they will never run, and sure enough most of them start and then fall in love with it!  She loves to help people to realise their potential and break away from any self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back.  ‘Helping others achieve what they never thought they could is awesome’

Her advice is ‘Don’t take it all so seriously! Yes its great to have goals and amazing to achieve them, but don’t get too intense about it and suck the joy out of what running should be – enjoyable.  Exercise and diet in general should help us achieve a fun, healthy life, not dictate every decision that we make’.