Extra Coached Sessions

Extra Coached Sessions

The club books the track on a Monday night so we have somewhere to park for the Monday night road runs. As the track is booked we aim to offer, alongside the roads runs, a number of different sessions which will include track time trials for each of the three coaching groups at distances from 800m to 5km.

There's a brief summary of what the coaching team are currently providing for each group below

Look out for details of extra sessions in the newsletter and on the track schedule here 

Small Group Coaching Courses

Attendance to track has really grown with the increase in club members which is great to see but it make's it almost impossible for our coaching team to provide individual attention and advice to those present. To counteract this, the coaching team has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to develop small group coaching courses aimed at those that want to improve their running. They only take 10 people at a time and and as we have more than 400 members, to make it fair they just pull 10 names out at a time completely randomly from each group and those members get an email asking if they want to attend. If you're one of the lucky 10 to be offered a course please let the coaching team know as soon as possible if you can’t attend. They can offer the opportunity to someone else. Each session is an hour, normally one session a week.

According to each groups different needs the coaching team have developed different content for the sessions

Group C Course Content

Session 1: Class room chat and cooper test

Session 2: Introduction to intervals and technique drills

Session 3: Strength and conditioning

Group B  Course Content

Session 1: Class room structuring your training

Session 2: Running technique and Interval pacing session with individual filming of you running and analysis

Session 3: Fartlek

Session 4: Hill Training and technique

Session 5: Strength and mobility training

Group A - Additional Track Sessions

Having taken feedback from the runners in the group the coaching team are currently using Monday nights to give Group A additional speedwork sessions that are longer and harder than the current Wednesday sessions alongside track time trial sessions

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