Star/Wicat Ratings

The BFR Star Ratings were originally compiled by the club committee in 1989/1990 with sponsorship from a company called Wicat (these are sometimes referred to as Wicat ratings). They are simplified age graded ratings that give a rating from 1 to 10 for 9 age bands over 9 different distances. For a background on age grading look here.

The Star Ratings simplify the age grading process by giving a Star Rating from 1 star through to 10 (which seem to correspond to Performance Level Percentages from 50% through to 80% respectively).

Star Awards

If a BFR member achieves a minimum of 4 star ratings in any one calender year, he or she will receive the Bracknell Forest Runners Star Award at the level of the lowest standard achieved for the 4. The award will be the appropriate cloth badge and can only be achieved once for that member.

The track times must be achieved at designated Club Time Trials or recognised track races. The road times must be attained during recognised races. Times are taken from the official results. If chip timing is used, then this will be used not the clock time. Where large fields cause congestion and no chip times are available, then the runners watch time can be taken at the discretion of the Committee.

Annual Trophies

The Star Awards Trophy for the overall best runner will be awarded to the man or woman who accumulates the most stars in any 6 events during the calender year.

We keep time trial results as well as race results on the website and calulate the star ratings and awards achieved automatically from these results, - if you don't see your result listed - please let us know.