New BFR ICE Tags


Are your trainers looking a little dull? Do you look down at the start of a run and feel that they are missing something? Do you feel that they could benefit from a bit of bling? Maybe some green bling? Well, this email is for you … Not only is this an opportunity to pimp up your runners with some green army bling, but it could also enhance your safety !!!

OK, getting a little more serious. Out on a Monday run a few months ago following BHM, a few of us realised that most of the runners in the group didn't have any ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details on them. If you are in a race, you tend to fill this info out on the back of the race number, but on a club run or running on your own, what have you got that would help someone help you if you got into trouble? It's true that most phones now have a way of storing and retrieving this info, but who knows how to set this and more importantly will the person who has stopped to help, know how to get hold of it?

To address this BFR have teamed up with a third party company to produce BFR branded (Yep … they are green) ICE tags that can be attached to your trainers, bag … pretty much anywhere. In the unlikely event of something happening to you whilst running; wearing an ICE Tag will allow quick identification, information about any important medical conditions and an emergency contact number which could all be lifesaving.

To get your tags, the suppliers are hosting a BFR page where you can go, enter your details (Contact, useful medical details etc) and then place your order directly with the supplier. Each order costs £4.20 (inc P&P) for three tags. So one for the road shoes, one for trail and a third for … well whatever. Out hiking, why not attach it to a rucksack.

We'd really like to encourage as many club members as possible to sign up and get the tags. BFR are concerned about the safety of all club runners no matter where or when they are running and feel that these should be an essential part of all runners kit. To help with this, we've arranged for the suppliers to reduce the price to £4 for one weekend only. So if you access the following website and place your order on the 4th or 5th of August you'll get the special price:

If you have any questions, please drop me an email

The Committee would like to thank Dierdre Inman, Liz Clarke and Alan Faubel for organising this on behalf of the club.

Mme Sec and your committee!