RRR Open Track Friday - this week


You are all invited to attend the final Reading Road Runners Open Track Friday of the year this week

The event includes:

One mile Time Trail (6:40pm) you can race this or use it as a warm up for the 5k event

5k Track Handicap (7pm)

and then finsihes with Fun relays (7:40pm)

You can do any one event, a combination of any two or indeed all three depedning on what you fancy on the night.

Registration is between 6:15pm and 6:30pm with a track fee of just £1.50 and is aimed at ALL abilites - it take place at Palmer Park Sports Stadium,Wokingham Road, Reading RG6 1LF.

Fell like pushing yourself? Think you've got a mile PB in you at the moment? or a 5k one? Handicaps are great for this as there runners all around you allt he time which helps to push a bit harder.

Go along and have a go!