With six events completed and just two to go including the BEST one of the lot there are still 17 members who have competed at ALL SIX events so far this season so are still on for the ever present award - are you one of them??!!

1 Alan Bent
2 Alastair Ritchie
3 Alex Perrior
4 Angela Thorpe
5 Carol Brombley
6 Chris Vaal
7 Colin Latham
8 Duncan Engstrom
9 Emma Inman
10 Gary Farrell
11 Ian Matthews
12 Mark Williams
13 Mike Sankey
14 Neil Kevern
15 Nicki Aitken
16 Pete Brombley
17 Sophie Falkiner

If you are everpresent so far and not on this list (first of all sorry for msising you off) then please drop an email to and I'll get it checked and ammended.

As a note to those who are everpresent, as in previous years, should you choose to volunteer at our home event having completed the previous 7 races then you will still be deemed everpresent :-) we need volunteers to make the magic happen!