At a busy Mince pie last night the following members were the lucky 9 to get guaranteed entry to the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Ana Hurtado

Gayle Nebbett

Jenny Griffiths

Kayleigh Gardner

Pete Wilcox

Sam Coombs

Sarah Austin

Sophie Faulkner

Stephen Harman

The committee and club are delighted for you all and - The London Marathon is becoming more and more a once in a lifetime experience for many so we are all here to support you in making it the most amazing day - Enjoy Christmas, the real training starts in January!

We are looking for a teams of run leaders to help with our Winter Distance training programme - the coaches can help you plan training distances and committee can help with routes but we need people to actually lead runs - Committing to being a run leader doesn't mean you have to be available every weekend - marathon training should not get in the way of life but enhance it and help you to the goal of reaching the start line with the best possible preparation to be part of the greatest race in the world.

Congratulations to all