BFR Newsletter 07.02.2019 + Winter Distance Training Week 6


Hi Team,

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Winter Distance Training - Week 6 (Sat' 9th / Sun' 10th)

Alexandra Perrior - 9.30-9.45mm Sunday 8.30am Peacock Farm 16 miles (Happy to plan two loops of any distance if anyone wants to join for part of the run. Or can share the route if you would like to join partway. Happy to give lifts back to cars if joining us part way - Please message Alex if you want the above)

Joan Barker - 13mm group on Sunday for 15miles. We will be leaving from Jennett's Park Community Centre at 8:30am, heading via Great Hollands Rec to Bucklers Park (Old TRL site) on Old Wokingham Rd, running a few loops round Buckler's Forest before coming back to JP. (Opportunity for runners who don’t want to run the whole 15 miles to join for a shorter run round Buckler’s Forest - Please message Joan if you want the above)

Catherine Hannan - 12mm group on Sunday @ 8am10/2 for 12 miles. Starting point will be the car park at Larks Hill near off Harvest Ride. Distance will be in two loops

Gayle Nebbett - 10:30mm - Sunday 10th, 9am, Jocks Lane car park RG12 2BH, 14 miles,

Alan Bent - 10mm - Sunday 8:30am long hill car park 8.30 for 14 miles

Simon Brown - 8mm group - 18 miles - Sunday 8am from Wokingham Cantley all weather hockey pitch / tennis courts car park

John Burnett - 20 miles at 7:15 - 7:30 pace, from Bracknell sports centre, 9am, Sunday