The London Marathon

Many of our members view The London Marathon as the pinnacle of each year’s running calendar.

However getting a running number to participate is by no means an easy task.

Some members are able to get into the race by way of “Good for Age”. Please refer to the London Marathon website for eligibility criteria and details of how and when to apply for these places.

Other members get into the race by way of gold bonds. A gold bond is a guaranteed number provided to many different charities. In return for the running number the charity would expect the runner to raise funds. The amount you would need to raise varies by charity, but will most likely be over £1,500. Please refer to the charity of your choice for further details.

Almost everyone else will need to enter into the race by using the London Marathon’s on-line ballot. This ballot will always be heavily over-subscribed and is invariably open for 5 days. If you wish to enter in this way keep an eye on the London Marathon website for details on how to enter this ballot. If you are unsuccessful in this ballot The London Marathon Company will send you a magazine and letter or email confirming that you were unlucky