Committee and Contact Information

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Committee Members


Alex Perrior
Club Secretary

Karen Spick

Fin O'Kane
Membership Secretary

Anna Tait
Vice Chairman

Angela Thorpe

Ex-officio - Social Media Coordinator

Nicola Kelly

Ex-officio - Volunteer Coordinator

Martine Thompson

Ex-officio - Kit Coordinator

Mike Sankey

Ex-officio - Social Events Coordinator    

Andy Pitts

Ex-officio - Website Coordinator

Ian Perkins

Non Committee Roles

Welfare Officers

Lisa Kilby (1) 

Sean Jones (2)



Wendy Sharp, Jules Fairley, Joan Barker, Mike Sankey, Adrian Luscombe, Sean Jones
Handicap Races Alex Perrior
Race Results Anna Tait, Gary Gibbons, Rhonda Harrower, Ian Perkins, Craig Calton, Elizabeth Misselbrook
Forest Five Naomi Aitken & Louise Brown
Mental Health Champions Wendy Sharp, Jenny Griffiths, Paul Thompson, Sean Jones

For more detail on the responsibilities of each committee role, please see this document