About Us

Welcome to Bracknell Forest Runners, an active club with over 400 members which was founded in 1989 and is England Athletics affiliated.

The club aims to run on an informal, friendly basis and seeks to cater for a broad range of running abilities and ages. Qualified coaches who actively participate in training sessions and events are available to give advice on training needs.

Club Sessions

We meet three times a week - more info on our club sessions can be found here:

Social Activities

We are a social and inclusive club and have many events throughout the year that include our club Christmas party, Club Awards night, with other activities such as “Pub of the Month”. Other ad-hoc social activities include our mince pies evening on a Wednesday just before Christmas and BBQ's. Trips to far-off events in the UK and abroad have always possessed a strong social element as well as running. Club news, articles and future events are regularly posted on this website and  emailed on a regular basis.

Have a look at our upcoming social events here:



One of the initiatives of England Athletics that Bracknell Forest Runners support is the #RunAndTalk. It is aprogram that was greated withthe aim of improving mental helath thriugh running and is supported by Mind, the mental helath charity.

We know that many of us suffer , have suffered or will suffer from a mental health issue and we want BFR to be a safe haven for everyone. Running helps our mental health. Talking helps our mental health and combining the two can only be positive.

Just as there are different ways to run (fast, slow, tempo, sprint, intervals etc), there are different ways to talk:

  •  Chat and laugh with a friend about something that happened today
  •  Discuss plans for the weekend.
  •  Jog and analyse your Sunday long run with someone else who was there.
  •  Just listen
  •  Be Honest
  •  Ask someone if they are ok and support them whatever the response
  •  Have a deep and meaningful conversation
  •  Put the world to rights
  •  Talk about the weather (if all else fails!)

At BFR, we are all runners. We have at least one thing in common with all other members - running - we can talk about running. Let's use this common ground to initiate conversations and improve the mental helath of our club.

When can we do this?

  •  Before any run with people
  •  Before track
  •  Before Monday night runs
  •  Before Sunday runs
  •  In fact before, during and after any run or if it helps why not offer to meet anytime. 

We also have two Mental Health Champions within the Club, Wendy Sharp, one of our coaches and Gary Farrell, our current Chair.

Feel free to reach out anytime.

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