Naked Handicap – read it properly, you have to wear clothes!

August 28th 2024

In addition to our usual three race handicap series we also run a 'Naked Handicap'

Instead of our usual track session on a Wednesday in August.

'What's a naked handicap if you wear clothes then??' I hear you cry!

The only single race that ANY runner of ANY pace can win!

A race where you are not allowed to carry anything that tracks your distance, time or pace around our usual 5k course in the Lookout. No watches of any kind and no phones! and WE WILL check and take them off you!!

All entrants have to submit their predicted finish time in advance and the winner is the runner who finishes closest to their predicted time.

Email your predicted race time in advance and then arrive at the Lookout for 6:30pm to collect your number - race will set off at 7pm with ALL RUNNERS STARTING TOGETHER.

Remember - no watches, phones or tracking devices of any kind - we'll be watching!!!

Previous Winners

2023 - Alison Matthews

2022 - Hayley Bond & Matt Newberry

2018 – Andy Scott

2017 – Scott Marlin