Coaching Groups

England Athletics provides guidance on the challenges facing coaches and leaders in road running clubs and groups.

There is such a wide range of ages, abilities and aspirations as well as beginners joining throughout the year and more experienced runners looking to make progress or happy to stay at their current standard. How do you plan sessions to meet all their needs? They recommend athletes are split by ability groups so that they can be warmed up and be provided with a set that is suitable for an individual group. Currently Bracknell Forest Runners do not operate the separate warm ups so we all do this together, as well as the main set at track each week.

If you feel the set is not for you, please do feel free to still join us at track and utilise the outside lanes for your own paced set, please be aware that people who are coming back from injury do utilise these lanes may be at a slower pace than you.

The sessions are for all abilities and we encourage people to ask questions about them. So do not hesitate to do so, no quetsion is a silly one. We all have different understandings of training sets and expressions so we try and use terminology that we can all relate to.

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