Winter Cross Country League TVXC

Each year we take part in the Thames Valley Cross Country League.

A team competition over a series of 8 races held from October to February each year, which involves 15 clubs in the Thames Valley.

Events are held on Sundays with an 11:00 AM start time

Each course is different, usually a mixture of woodland trails and parkland and is normally about 5 miles in length.

Originally sponsored by Today's Runner magazine, the original idea was that racing in the league should encourage friendly competition and ensure that everyone is able to participate in and enjoy the events. Although no longer sponsored by the magazine, the original spirit of the league is still stands.

Men and women teams compete in the same race with the first 6 men and first 4 women from each club scoring points. All abilities take part and even non-scorers can affect the result by getting ahead of scorers from other clubs, as the points are calculated based on overall race position of the scoring runner. To promote club spirit, club colours must be worn by any runner to score, and there must be a given number of veterans in the team.

The club pays for your entry to these races as part of your annual membership fee so they are essentially free for you to enter

For up to date information including this year's schedule and results - check out the Thames Valley Cross Country League website.

What better way is there to start a crisp Sunday Winter morning than running through beautiful countryside in a team event? Especially when your entry is paid by the club and you get tea, cake and sandwiches afterwards. If you like the sound of all of the above then these races are for you.