About the Club Championship

Bracknell Forest Runners Club Championships 

The Club Championship, for those who are not familiar with it, is a race series across the season which comprises of:
Four distances (5km, 10km, 10 mile and Half Marathon) and three races for each distance.

To qualify for awards (overall and age category) you must complete at least one race in each of the four distances. Because you have three chances to race each distance, it doesn't matter if you miss one - as long as you take part in once of each distance.

Points are awarded according to your club and gender position in the race from 100 down to 1 for each sex (i.e. 100pts for 1st BFR Man and 1st BFR Lady, 99pts for 2nd BFR Man and 2nd BFR Lady, 98pts for 3rd BFR Man and 3rd BFR Lady and so on)

The great thing about the Championship is that regardless of your pace you can use it to compete against your running peers as well – this is the reason that you must wear club kit in these races in order to score points – you'll be able to see that sneery deer in front of you as a target to chase! There are prizes for overall man and lady, as well as Senior, v40, v50 and v60+ for each gender.

Club Championship Leaderboard - 2024/25

You need to be in it to win it, so book the following races into your diary!

Club Championship 2024/25
The races for next year have been chosen. There's a good mix here which we're hoping will appeal to everyone.


Date Event
5th May 2024 Run Frimley 5k
15th August 2024 Dinton Summer Series 5K Race 4
TBC February 2025 Dorney 5K






Date Event
19th May 2024 Binfield 10k
15th September 2024 Phantom Brewing 10k
TBC March 2025 Henley River 10k

10 Mile

Date Event
23rd June 2024 Midsummer Murder
1st December 2024 (TBC) Mapledurham 10 
16th February 2025 Bramley 10

Half Marathon

Date Event
16th June 2024 The Hampshire Hoppit
20th October 2024 The Henley Half Marathon
23rd February 2025 Wokingham Half


Competition Elegibility

To be eligible for the championship, a First Claim member must complete at least 4 races and at least one from each distance category (i.e. 5km, 10km, 10 mile, half marathon).

There will be an overall club championship award for one male and one female, and also age category awards for each male and female as follows: Senior (under 40), age 40-49, age 50-59 and age 60+. There will be only one award per age category - for example, if the overall male winner is age 40-49 there will be not a separate male age 40-49 award.

Points will be awarded in each individual race: the first male and female home each get 100 points, the second male and female each get 99 points etc.

If a member runs more than one race in each category, e.g. two 10ks, the race with the highest points will be used to determine the championship standings.

The Marathon Championship

The winners of the Marathon Championship are the male and female who record the fastest age adjusted times in a marathon for the season - please note that you must have age adjusted times enabled on your profile and the result must be on the BFR results database to be eligibile

Overall rules

Points will only be awarded to, and marathon times counted for,  first claim members who are fully paid-up on the date of the event.

Races must be run under your own name.

Members should run in club colours; although we are sympathetic to members who are raising money for a charity and wish to wear a charity vest.

For age graded / age category awards, a member's age is fixed as at 1 April (i.e. the first day of the championship year).

Please ensure that your result is recorded on the results section of the website for the relevant event, otherwise it will not be counted.