Track FAQ

Our Regular track session is held on a Wednesday evening at Bracknell Leisure Centre running track 

We meet at 6:45pm for warm up and announcements followed by a session lasting approximately 40-45 minutes and then a cool down. These sessions are lead by our coaching team each week.

Coming to the track sesssions may seem daunting for beginners, but it needn't be. Here we'll try to give you the basic information that many people wonder about when joining in with a track session.

Everybody is welcome

The track schedule is designed to cater for everybody and we have a special beginners group on the track (please ask for a committee member if you are a new runner). The sessions are listed under Track Schedule so you can see what the set will be for that week.  By no means do you have to do all of the set, you should only do what you feel comfortable with. So if you are a beginner, improver, recovering from an injury or just looking to get faster then please come down to the track as we can cater for everybody.

Track Etiquette & Safety

When you're running on the track there are a few simple rules to follow - these are really just common sense to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable session: 

  • Only run in one direction
  • If there is a time trial taking place, keep the two inside lanes free
  • During the session use lanes which are assigned for your group for your efforts only - recovery should be completed in the designated recovery lanes
  • In the recovery part of the session please use lanes assigned for your group recovery lane
  • Don't suddenly change lanes without a quick glance over your shoulder
  • If you are are gaining on a group who are blocking your progress and you'd like someone to make room then shout 'track' in plenty of time
  • Do not use headphones on the track during a session, you will not be able to hear somebody shouting 'track'

Got a question about our Wednesday night track session?

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