Track FAQ

Our Regular track session is held on a Wednesday evening at Bracknell Leisure Centre running track 

We meet at 6:45pm for warm up and announcements followed by a session lasting approximately 40-45 minutes and then a cool down. These sessions are lead by our coaching team each week.

Coming to the track sesssions may seem daunting for beginners, but it needn't be. Here we'll try to give you the basic information that many people wonder about when joining in with a track session.

Everybody is welcome

The track schedule is designed to cater for everybody.  The sessions are listed under Track Schedule so you can see what the set will be for that week.  By no means do you have to do all of the set, you should only do what you feel comfortable with. So if you are a beginner, improver, recovering from an injury or just looking to get faster then please come down to the track as we can cater for everybody.

Track Etiquette
We have lots of members.  As restrictions ease and we begin to run in larger groups, we would like to remind you all of track etiquette.  Here are some guidelines to follow:

1. Always run counterclockwise on main set.
2. Run in the reverse direction in the outer lanes as a warm-up and cooldown. Note that doing so always requires good judgement and the reason for running in reverse is to balance the legs.
3. Always run in the inside left lane, regardless of speed.
4. If you are running/working out, you are entitled to the inside lane - this includes slower runners! Those who are cooling down or on their rest period between intervals should move to the outer lanes (e.g., lanes 3 & 4) so as not to impede other runners.
5. Always pass on the right and stick your arm out to let others know you are moving lanes. When moving back inside, check first, and only cut in when you have 2-3 steps on the runner behind you.
It's not just about avoiding a crash, it's also important not to startle the runner behind you.
6. Always run single file.
7. If you move to pass someone and can't, slow down and tuck in behind them. (There's a grace period during mass starts because everyone goes at once.)
Pay attention to the runners around you before starting or stopping.
8. If possible, finish to the inside (off the track). If you can't, swing way wide right. No matter which direction you finish, check first behind you.
9. When not running, always look both ways before crossing the track, and never stand on the track.
10. It can be easy to get distracted when chatting with people, so help out by saying, "oh, we should move over here", etc. “Track!" is the cautionary call.
It's shorthand for "look out, runner coming through!". Often heard when we line up for a group start - heads up, someone's coming through, so make sure they have clearance.
11. No spitting on the track if you need to spit do it on the grassed area.

Got a question about our Wednesday night track session?

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