Mike Sankey

Coach Profile:  Mike Sankey

  • UKA Qualified Coach
  • Leader In Running Fitness
  • Run distances from 400m to Marathon

At school - Mike hated running, but got into it at University as simply a way to lose weight. Since losing around 6 stone he developed a bit of a passion for it! Since then Mike has run over 100 races ranging from 5k,10k, Half Marathon to Marathon. He’s been Club and Berkshire Road Running Champion and run some pretty competitive times

Mike loves off road running, and is happiest when in the forest or competing in Cross Country through the Winter

Mike has also experienced the lows of running, having experienced injury keeping him from running for over 2 years, so has learnt and knows the importance of rest, recuperation and external factors in running, and the mental torture that ‘not running’ can bring

Mike can be often found leading groups around Bracknell or The Lookout, and is always up for a chat (and a beer or two) on the subject of running and helping people achieve and enjoy their running

Mike’s advice

  • Never set yourself limits, you can achieve so much more than you think
  • Mix it up – Trail, Track and Road
  • Make sure you remember to enjoy it!