Track Schedule

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  • Tempo Blocks


    3 x 10 minute blocks at tempo pace.  Recovery 3 mins (keep active).

    Measure each block and try to run the same distance for each.  Great for pacing awareness and training your body to run comfortably hard for sustained periods.  


    If anyone needs help working out their tempo training pace please contact the coaching team. 

  • Timed efforts


    2 mins hard 1 min easy. 

    Working at 5k pace or faster… helps to teach your body to deal with lactate accumulation in your muscles.  30 min duration. 

  • Reverse Pyramid


    In minutes 5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5


    Recovery 1 min between each interval.  


    Changing gears! The longer efforts are at the start and end of the workout, forcing you to work hard as you are getting tired.  


  • Tempo Set


    1km repeats with 2-3 min recoveries.  

    Each 1km rep should be run at your tempo pace and try to be consistent with each km, great one to practice pacing yourself 

    Total 40 mins. 


    If anyone needs help working out their suggested paces for this set please email the coaches. 

  • Timed efforts

    1 min effort 1 min recovery (jog)

    Working at your 5 k pace or faster for the efforts and a very gentle jog / walk for your recovery, keep active during recovery.  As you progress you may find you are able to sustain more jogging than walking between the efforts.


    30 mins duration