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Alex Perrior

I'm Alex, I joined Bracknell Forest Runners in 2016 when I started training for Paris Marathon having been an on/off runner for many years. My favourite distance is half marathon but I love any races where there is a good BFR turnout as I love seeing all our members where they belong, out running.
I'm so proud to be Chair of such a fantastic club, the highlight of my BFR time so far was during lockdown, when despite not being able to run together we came through as a club and created some of the most amazing memories that stay with me and many of you. Despite all that the pandemic put us through I will never forget the camaraderie and the fun we had as a team on these virtual challenges.

I love seeing the club continuing to grow and I look forward to another great year.

Andy Pitts

Social Events Coordinator
Joined in 2016, I think.
I love running off road so always look forward to XC season.
I enjoy getting involved with the club in terms of encouraging and helping others so particularly enjoy leading and organising club runs. Favourite race is a tough call as I have 2, GSR and Barcelona Marathon. I guess my favourite race distance would be 10km or 10miles.

Angela Thorpe

Vice Chairman
I joined the club in 2008.
I love to run in the forest with my dog Derek. My favourite distance is 10k but I also love the Bracknell Half Marathon. It’s such a friendly event and nothing beats the BFR support crew cheering you on!

Anna Tait

Membership Secretary
I joined in 2018, exactly a year after I started running.
I love running in the forest, or anywhere near water and especially with friends. My favourite race distance changes all the time, but whatever distance I'm doing I love a plan to follow and the whole process of training hard for a race.

Fin O'Kane

Only taken me 52 years to join this my first running club in January 2022, after moving to the area in 2021. Met lots of great people and love group running on Mondays and Sundays. Favourite race type: flat.

Ian Perkins

Website Coordinator
I joined in 2021, around a year after I started running during lockdown.
Recently ran my first 10km and first half-marathon is approaching fast (May 2022). It's too early for me to have a favourite race, but my favourite training is definitely in the forest.

Karen Spick

Club Secretary
I joined BFR in 2021 after running solo for over three years and it's the best decision I ever made! I love running in Swinley Forest and am starting to love road running - although I find that all runs are better with friends!
I don't have a favourite race distance, yet but most of my races prior to joining the club were 10km's. I'm looking forward to running some Champ Races and taking part in the XC this coming year.

Martine Thompson

Volunteer Coordinator
Joined in 2016 but running since 2011 and first marathon in 2013 (London).
Mainly a buggy runner now when I can fit it in, getting ready to embrace the double this year! Favourite running distance is 5 miles, favourite events, a toss up between Disney (going for the castle to chateau this year) and the majors (5 stars, have a place in Tokyo 2023 for my 6th!)

Mike Sankey

Kit Coordinator
Hi, I'm Mike - I joined BFR back in 2010

In my time at BFR I've completed in over 100 events, Set lots of PBs and made many friends - I've done most of the roles in the club including Committee positions and Coaching, and can usually be found pushing myself hard at track. A 10 miler has a special place in my heart as it is such a unique distance and challenge

Nicola Kelly

Social Media Coordinator
Joined in 2018.
My favourite time of the year is cross country season, I just love TVXC with the mud, hills, club atmosphere and cakes. My favourite distance on road is ten miles and the best race of the year has to be the Great South Run in my home town of Portsmouth.

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These are the 2022-2023 BFR committee members.

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