BFR Special Edition Collapsible Coffee Cups


This year the clubs in theTVXC league have made a commitment to reduce plastic waste and as part of this commitment disposable cups will not be provided by hosting teams for Hot Drinks post race.

If you want a hot drink you can bring any reusable cup you like but we have produced 100 special edition Stojo Collapsible cups with Jez Hall's stag logo on them - perfect size for a small coffee from pretty much all coffee shops and every time you use it at one you'll get a reduction on the cost of your coffee so it will pay for itself in no time!

The same cup (without the AWESOME stag logo on it) is available in John Lewis for £11 in stores and £10 online but as we have bought in bulk we are able to offer these 100 inital special edition cups at just £8:50 each - what a bargain!

Don't get FOMO or indeed AMO - once the initial 100 have been sold only extremely high demand will generate another order and any future pricing will be dependant on availability and cost at the time of ordering.

To get yours email and transfer £8:50 into the club account SC: 30-91-31 AC: 02576009 - we'll bring any that have been paid for to XC, Track or Monday runs for you to collect. Please note we will ONLY bring those that are paid for in advance for distribution.