Club Championship 5k - The Muddy Welly 5km (Sun 15th Dec 2019)


Hi Team!

Due to the great winds of the last week, one of our club races was unfortunately cancelled... But!

Talking with our good friends at Barnes Fitness - We have set up The Muddy Welly 5km (Sun 15th Dec 2019) as the replacement club champs race in place of Burnham that cancelled at the weekend.

The rose between two thorns, the The Muddy Welly 5km is back, at the great Wellington College. A lovely 5km which will take you through a variety of muddy paths, woodland trails, private estate roads and across fields.

Ellie has very kindly given us a discount code of “BFR20” for this... a 20% discount!

Enter away!

Happy Running, Your BFR Committee